New shoes

Happy *almost* Friday, everyone! For some reason, this week is feeling extremely long to me. I am not quite sure why that is. I do know I am looking forward to the weekend VERY much, hence that may be part of the reason why Friday at 5:01pm just won't get here soon enough.

Why am I so pumped for the weekend? Well.....yesterday, The Murph (my bike is Murphy - I call it 'The Murph'...my husband thinks it's a veiled RoboCop reference, but it actually refers to Murphy Brown, my childhood hero), got NEW SHOES. The stock tires on my bike were 28mm heavily treaded tires. While this has worked okay starting out, I've now got my SPD pedals on full time, and I would like to start picking up the speed a bit on my rides. Enter the brand new 23mm Continental Ultra Gatorskin tires. These bad boys are supposed to be great for training and racing - and they are supported with Kevlar, making them as close to indestructible as you can possibly get for a bike tire. I absolutely cannot wait to get them out on the road. Let's just say that I will be doing that A LOT this weekend!!

It looks like I also have a run and one or two OWSs planned for the weekend as well. The husband is going to be in Florida for a few days, so this gives me prime opportunity to do lots and lots of training without feeling bad that I'm leaving him at home. I will feel bad for Miss Betsy, the world's cutest puppy, though. I plan to watch many a Netflix movie with her though - I promise.

I know I have mentioned a couple times that I have started using my SPD pedals. This transition has actually been a bit anticlimactic. I thought it would be this huge ordeal to overcome, but in reality it hasn't been at all. Yes, stopping and starting is still a bit scary. But I've allowed myself to fall a couple times and still have the bruises to prove it. I survived all the falls and am assuming I will survive most of the ones that will happen in the future, too. The whole process seems much less scary now - and I am very happy with this.

Was your transition to clipless pedals pretty seamless, too?

PS - The entry deadline for the nuun HTC relay team was yesterday. Now, we wait. The team will be announced on June 22. Please send some good vibes my way! And if you aren't already, go "Like" nuun on Facebook and if you feel so inclined you can say something nice in my favor on their page. No pressure - really. Just if you want to :-)


Matty O said...

Clipless was super easy for us. Actually have not fallen yet either. We didn't have them initially, but after trying to ride up a hill once and our feet moving all over the place we said, screw it, spend the money. Best decision made for triathlons haha.

Have fun this weekend!

Christi said...

I love my gatorskin tires. They work great.

Have a great training weekend!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Gators are good tires, buy extra tire levers, they are tough to get on and off and tend to break the levers.

I was lucky, I bought my clipless pedals in the dead of winter and practiced for months on a trainer. I was good to go once I had the chance to go outdoors with them. I still topple every now and then

6:30am, bright and too early, the bike will be your race pace. Then off to learn about triathlons. I have a story to tell you on the ride about the guest speaker

Matthew Smith said...

Sweet! New tires! That's always a lot of fun. I hope they give you a ton more speed. The clipless pedals are pretty incredible. My transition wasn't too hard, but my wife had a rough time at it. Every time she would fall, it somehow was my fault! ;) Have a great training weekend.

M said...

Well, Matthew, you shouldn't have been pushing her over! ha! (kidding!)