Like a dolphin, doin' flips an s%&*

Guess who got a wetsuit? me me me. Who says you can't be thrifty and do triathlon? I got an AMAZING deal. $60. That's it. And this thing is in PERFECT shape. I nearly busted a blood vessel in my head trying to get the thing on, but it *seems* to fit perfectly (need to get it on in the water to verify). I can't imagine an item of clothing fitting any tighter than this, and I am in the size range specified by the manufacturer. Legs are super tight, crotch is tight, neck is super super snug. I hope to take it out on a test swim this weekend. I am SO super pumped.

Speaking of the weekend, it should be a nice one. I made the tough decision to not go back out to Indiana this weekend. My mom is still there with my Aunt, but I have to work all day today and have to be at work Monday morning. Which means 8+ hours of driving to stay less than 24 hours with the family. It just doesn't make sense (especially with gas at $4+/gallon). I will be sending them lots of love though.

Instead, BDD and I are sticking with our Saturday morning ritual and hitting the roads for a ride on Saturday morning. Once that is done, I'm going to rest at home a bit before checking out the Granville Art Affair. Beer, wine, art, and some girlfriends. Works for me. Did I mention beer and wine?

Sunday is Run Club in the morning, and it's at one of favorite metro parks in Columbus - Blendon Woods. I haven't been trail running in a while, so this will be a nice change of pace. I may follow up the Run with a swim somewhere. I'm going to reach out to both my run coach and my spin instructor to see if someone would be open for an OWS.

The poor hubs is working student orientation all weekend, so he'll be MIA most of the time. Which is a bummer. But I am very skilled at filling my weekends almost instantly. See the above for proof of that!!!

Lots of good race vibes going out to everyone this weekend - seems like nearly everyone has something going on!!!!! I look forward to hearing how much you all kicked ass over the weekend.

As a last mention, my buddy D is volunteering at the Lawrence, KS 70.3 this weekend. She just may get to hand Chrissie Wellington a cup of water. I am SO jealous!!!

With that being said, go forth this weekend and TRI...


Matty O said...

Woah... where are your sleeves?!?!

haha. I take full advantage of any buoyancy I can get!

Good steal on the wetsuit though.

have fun this weekend, sounds like a lot of group training!

Big Daddy Diesel said...


Ok, you are officially on the look out for 700cc Carbon Clincher wheels that are at the minium of 50mm

M said...

I am the thrift queen, I tell ya.
What's a reasonable price for the wheels? I will keep it in my regular tri search repertoire.....

Matthew Smith said...

What a sweet deal on your wetsuit! That's great. Sorry that you couldn't hang out with the fam, but I agree with not driving a ton just for a day. Have a good weekend anyway.

Matty O said...

Kevin ripped his wetsuit getting it on after all winter of the wetsuit sitting around. I guess they can dry out or something.

So he said just soak it the night before and you are fine. We didn't use our wetsuits at the race but I won't soak them again until next spring. We will use them every few weeks or so, so I am not too concerned.