DFLIMAG - Kokomo Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Well, this weekend proved to be a race weekend! Yep! Even with the sadness that came upon my family this week, I happened to find out there was a triathlon going on that Saturday morning only about 40 minutes from my family's home. In an effort to provide an outlet and distraction, I threw out the option to go to the race. No one was opposed, and my Mom even decided to join me. Yay!

Therefore, Saturday morning I was up shortly before 6am to get ready, and my Mom and I jumped in the car and headed out to Kokomo, Indiana for the Kokomo Sprint Triathlon. While I enjoyed the race, it gave me my lowest race stats ever. For the very first time, I came in DFLIMAG (dead f&*%ing last in my age group).

The swim: The swim was actually something I was quite proud of!! The swim took place in a quarry behind the church where the tri was hosted. The depths ranged from 4 feet around the edge to 30 feet plus in the middle. I was nervous about this but knew I had to start getting some OWS experience. The swim went in three waves - first was men aged 35 and younger (green caps), then men 35 or over (white caps), and last was women of all ages (red caps). We saw the first two waves start off, then it was our turn. This race seemed to be much heavier on the dudes - unlike what I've seen in Ohio races. Still, when the air horn went off, I hung back a few second to let the fast people get out in front of me. It was only a 500m swim, but it sure did look like a long way from shore. I did my crappy swim/sidestroke/doggy paddle for the first leg out. On the back stretch, I actually drafted behind someone. On the final stretch in, the lady I was drafting behind started to slow down quite a bit, so I passed her and went on around. I even passed a few green and white caps!! I swam the full final stretch in with freestyle - I kept going til my knuckles hit the ground. I was actually really proud of myself on the swim. No panic, and I really SWAM.

Time: 13:25, 91/124 total racers, 4/5 in my age group

The Bike: Who knew that freaking Kokomo, IN was so damn hilly. The whole course was rollers with a couple fairly serious hills. I mapped the route out, but that elevation chart sure didn't come out looking the way that course felt on my legs. It kind of kicked my butt. BUT - the cool thing was...(ready for this??)...I was CLIPPED IN the whole bike ride!!!! I had switched my pedals to my SPD style ones on Thursday evening, so I forced myself to race with them. No problems at all. I managed an average speed of 15.16mph for the 10.5 mile course. That was really freaking slow (109/124 total racers), but I was NOT prepped for that level of course. Just a bit more challenging than I was used to.

The bike route that kicked my rear.

Time: 41:33, 109/124 total racers, 4/5 in my age group

Run: Total and absolute bonk. Between being dehydrated (with the drive to Indy and not having access to much fluid the evening before), and my legs being ground up on the ride - my "run" was a joke. I barely held it together. It was embarrassing actually. I walked more than I ran. But I finished it. Just horrible overall. This was a kick in the ass that I better watch my nutrition and pre-race night activities. Cause my ass got seriously kicked.

Time: 37:78 (egads), 5/5 in age group

Final Time: 1:35:47, 5/5 in age group, 113/124 total racers

Final notes: When I showed up at the race, I was amazed at the level of racers there. The bike porn was well worth the price of admission. Nearly half the people there seemed to be touting their Ironman race shirts and hats from previous endeavors. I was a bit out my league at this Kokomo race, lemme tell you. BUT - I managed to get some OWS confidence AND I can now officially say I ride with my SPD pedals!!! Therefore, yay for those two things!!!

I also saw something I have never seen before EVER in a race - a poor guy's bike crapped out on him around mile 6 or 7 of the race. I have no idea what had happened, as I wasn't around when the event that caused him to get off his bike actually occurred. I saw him around mile 7 jogging next to his bike. On my way out of the run, I saw him coming into transition, and I saw him after my turnaround. This guy ran his bike the 3 miles back to transition in bare feet, then put on his running shoes and finished the race. HOLY CRAP. I saw him after and said that was one of the craziest things I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing. What a heart.

Overall, glad I did the race, and it gave me a serious wake up call that I HAVE to stay on my game - I have a long, LONG way to go to consistent racing.


Kristin said...

Great job on your swim and staying with the clipless pedals!! You will get there! At least you were out there doing it! :)

T said...

You know, I think to actually be DFL you have be the very last person to cross the finish line. I think you were only DFLIYAG (dfl in your age group). And that happens... (sigh). Sounds like a great job at a tough field!

M said...

I agree, T. I will change the blog post title to DFLIMAG :-)

Christi said...

Yay for a great race even if you were DFL! You had a great swim and a great ride in new pedals. That right there is something to be proud of. FYI, I was really DFL in a duathlon some years ago and I got some great things at the end because the sponsors were trying to get rid of stuff. So not necessarily a bad thing!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

First, congrats on the race

Second, DFL still trumps any DNS or DNF, way to tough it out.

These types are races are tricky, you werent planning on it, you are dealing with personal issues, you either were going to rock it because you didnt have time to stress about it or you were going to struggle, but in the struggle, I think it probably helped relieve some of the feelings of that weekend.

Matty O said...

Haha, thanks for the comment! Yeah, we brought our own beer down and that was our go to spot for any additional ice or beer.

On your race, don't sweat it. From what I saw only 5 people in your a/group? really? Not good odds on your end haha.

As long as you think you have room for improvement that is where you need to focus. Keep your head up and keep up the good work!

Dated a girl from denison for 4 years... I know Granville VERY well, LOVED it down there, like big time loved the people, community, location, and Fall, Oh man, SOOOOOOO Gorgeous down there.

PS-listen to BDD, great advice/comment on his part.

M said...

What a small world, Matty!!! My husband is a prof at Denison, and we have been here for 2 years now. Love it very much!!!!