YAY! It is FRIDAY! And there is SUN outside. It evidently won't last for long though. We have been knee deep in rain this spring - in fact, I believe we went 20 some odd days where it rained each day. Craziness. It's mid May and we haven't seen much of the sun. I know it's wearing on me and many many other people. Luckily, today the sun is shining bright and is supposed to tomorrow as well. THANK GOODNESS.

Even though he got me lost last week, it was enjoyable enough to make for a repeat performance. BDD and I head out for another ride tomorrow morning. I'm making some adjustments to my bike this evening, and it should make the ride a tad more comfy tomorrow. The one bad thing is that I have yet to purchase a pair of real cycling shorts. I have two pairs of tri shorts, and that's what I have to use for my bike outings. This is what I'll be wearing in races, so it's probably good I get used to them. But still - it would be nice to be a tad comfy on these longer training rides.

Alas, cycling clothes are pricey, and I just can't spring for new duds at the moment. I have ONE sleeveless cycling jersey I got at a clothing swap four years ago. At the time, I didn't even own a bike. Glad I took it. I have one tank top thing that has a pocket in the back, so that could possibly serve as a top as well. I may try that out tomorrow if it's warm enough. Silly me, though, I started looking online for jerseys. When I have some cash, I am going to spend it here. PRIMAL WEAR. WOW. The women's jerseys are positively beautiful.

In other news, I've kept up a steady workout week. Monday I let my legs rest after the 50+ miles on the bike. Tuesday I hit spin in the morning but bailed from swim that evening. Wednesday was run club track repeats - ran everything from a 7:10 pace for a 3/4 mile sprint up to a 11:00 cooldown. Works for me. It was a break in the rain and we were outdoors. I'll take it. Thursday was spin in the AM, swim in the PM. Today was a 40 minute walk with the puppy :-) I'm saving my legs for tomorrow's ride. Sunday is run club from the gym, and I may get there a tad early (or stay late) to get in a mini swim.

That's about it here. A huge GOOD LUCK to those racing Ironman Texas this weekend. Should be great to read all the race reports this next week!!! Happy racing, all!!

(Oh, and only a week until my first tri of the season - TRI FOR JOE!)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am ready for the weekend

Nashbar.com is the TJMaxx/Marshalls of closeout cycling gear

Though Primal gear is really nice looking

Matthew Smith said...

One week left? That's coming up really soon, but I'm sure you're going to do super well. Have fun on the ride tomorrow.

alicia. said...

A tri coming up? That's so exciting! I'm planning to do my first tri next summer. Good luck!