Bike Idiot

Here's a couple fun tidbits I would like to share.

1) I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 11. Maybe even 12. I don't really remember. I've always had a little bit of an inherent fear of riding a bike. It has held over until now.

2) Until about 12 hours ago, I thought that when you were on the saddle of the bike, your feet were supposed to comfortably touch the ground. Yeah. Hence knee pain and bikes being "too small". It was because I had no idea that I was supposed to mount and dismount from a bike.

Are you kidding me? My feet are only supposed to touch when I straddle the frame? How on earth did I miss this? When did you all figure this shizz out? What the hell? I nearly killed myself on my newly fitted road bike last night. I was all like "OMG. Why is the seat so high? She measured me and everything. I do not understand this. I was at Roll. I totally trust them." Then the hubs let me know, ummmm, you have to get up on the seat when you get going. I HAD NO IDEA.

3) I finally get to meet a super famous guy on Sunday. BDD and I are off for a bike ride at o' dark thirty Sunday morning. I'm kind of pumped for the ride. And I guess I'm pretty pumped to meet BDD too. :-)

4) Some exciting news on the horizon soon. As soon as I get the thumbs up to share, there's a big announcement coming!

Please send me good bike vibes over the course of the next 5-6 days. I'm probably going to fall a few times. And if I get my hands on some cheapy pedals, I may even start to go clipless. I will need additional good vibes then.

I promise a pic of the new ride is coming soon!!!!!!!

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Christi said...

My son never really wanted to ride a bike and he still can't do it very well. He is 19. I am sending you major positive bike vibes.

Please tell BDD hi from Christi! I wish I could ride with ya'all!