Adventures in Biking

Sunday was a great day. Why, you ask? For a couple reasons:

1) I got to meet (and ride with) BDD. Super awesome - I am so glad to make his acquaintance in real life, and I look forward to many more rides with him. A great guy and surely will be a great bike mentor.

2) I found out I am capable of riding a bike more than 50 miles! 50 miles wasn't on the schedule for Sunday - not even close. Let me elaborate:

For our first ride, BDD and I met out at Hoover Dam in Westerville (not the one in Nevada) at 7am. BDD had mapped out a great 27 mile loop - one that was pretty flat with a couple roller sections and one big hill. Once we got all geared up, we headed out. BDD let me control the pace since it was my first ever ride out on my new bike. We kept it at a pretty low pace so I could get used to my bike - shifting, the height of the seat, stopping, starting, etc. We never really pushed it much - which was fine by me. We got to chat and enjoy the scenery.

Speaking of scenery, at one point we were suddenly surrounded by chicken farms. I said, "Wow, man, we are really out here." To which BDD replied, "Ummm yeah, so none of this looks familiar." HA! We decided to turn around and back track - that's when we met the winds and drizzles. I found it pretty funny - now BDD and I have a great story of our first ride together.

We got back on track and kept on the plan of our original route. I was given the option of backing out of the big hill near the end of the route, but I said nope. It was planned, we're doing it. As we approached said hill, I think I said something to the tune of "Oh Holy Jesus." But, I spun away and made it up the hill - no need to jump off the bike or walk. I made it up! We stopped at the top of the hill and my legs were jello. Pure mush. But after the hill, we only had about 2 miles before getting back to the cars. I knew that wouldn't be a problem.

We finally make it back to the cars, and BDD's Garmin said we had done 39 miles! That was the farthest I have ever ridden a bike - most definitely. I looked at the clock and the time said 10:30am! Holy cow! We had been out there for nearly 3 hours!!! The trouble was I was supposed to meet my spin instructor and his wife at 10:30. Like now. I sent a text and told them I was on my way.

I throw my bike in the back of the car and speed off to meet them at Starbucks. I apologize for an explain my tardiness, we get geared up again and take off. We did about 12 miles, some of it even on the same course I had ridden earlier in the morning - kind of hilarious. That ride lasted about 50 minutes, and before I knew it we were back at the cars.

I realized my legs are ready for some hardcore rides. I spent a decent chunk of both rides kind of coasting it along. The big gear feels pretty comfy to me, and to be honest, I don't really know what that means. But I know I could have gone much MUCH faster on both rides, but I just need to shake off the newbie nerves. I'll get out there a bit more often to make sure I can really haul ass on race days.

Therefore, I put in over 50 miles in one day yesterday. I had no idea I was capable. And I felt great. My legs were a tad sore this morning, but nothing major. If anything, my arms were a tad sore. I need to scootch my seat up about an inch and move my handlebars up a tad, too. With those adjustments, I think it will take the strain off my upper body. The first upgrade to the bike will be some narrower tires, too. Right now I am at a 700x28 - can I put 700x23 tires on the same wheels I have now? Or will I have to get new wheels altogether?

Anyway - some pics that I thought you may enjoy:

The route BDD and I took Sunday. Notice the main loop? Yeah, that was the original ride.
That little arm sticking up on the right was our detour. Love it :-)

My one super cool injury - my foot slipped off my pedal at one point and in an attempt to get it back on, I caught the pedal and it took a nice couple chunks out of my leg. Awesome. I wore it as a badge of honor most of the morning. I was kind of bummed when I took a shower and the cool blood drippies got washed off.

I'm really looking forward to my next biking adventures!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I still feel a little bad, I am glad you had fun. Even with my little mistake which made us ride uphill and into a head wind and "oups" written on the road made it even more funny. Next time, invite your friends and we can do the same route or a different one. I had fun. Perfect weather for riding.

M said...

I had a great time - so no need to feel bad! And I'll def get some other people out sometime!!!

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome ride(s)! Good work. Congratulations on logging your most miles ever. I'm glad you had fun, and I hope you wound heals.

Ms. Duffy said...

I'm jealous of / happy for you guys! First, that ride was hardcore, and M, you are a badass without knowing it. Second, I HATE those pedal -leg-chunk wounds! But guess what? If you used the clips that wouldn't happen :)I'm psyched that I have some now yay!!!