Cheapest Race Belt EVAR

Two posts in one day? Yes, you are correct! This was just so good, I didn't want to wait until tomorrow. (mainly because I meant to post this on Sunday but have continued to forget until now, and I don't want to let it keep slipping away)

For Sunday's race, one of my run club buddies gave me an awesome suggestion. I am one of the folks who continues to pin my race number to my clothing of the moment. My jacket, my shirt, etc. This could be problematic for tris down the road, as one really needs to employ a race belt.

The lady who suggested this to me has been running for many years, and she said she has been making her own race belts for years. How, you ask?

Ladies - you know those several pairs of old tights or pantyhose you have in a drawer somewhere? Chop off part of the top. Let it naturally roll up and TA-DA! you have a race belt.

How freaking genius is that? Really.

And speaking of run club, here's a pic of some of us from Sunday's race - it's not everyone, but it's some of us! (I'm on the far right in the white shirt!)


D said...

Holy cow! That IS genius! I'm totally doing that for Sunday's race. Unless I wear my fanny pack. :P

Matthew Smith said...

What a score! Now all I need to do is get some pantyhose!