I kind of took a bit of time off this week. I managed to hit Run Club on Wednesday, and I did a workout video on Saturday. That was pretty much it. Sunday (today) I got up and hit Run Club. Did a 3.8 mile loop at Sharon Woods. The temps were great, but unfortunately the trail was still more ice covered than not.

I went home, had some toast, some electrolytes, read some of "Born to Run." Shortly before 1pm I packed up and drove a mile down to the G-ville Intermediate School for the Columbus Road Runner's annual winter run. I signed up for the 3 mile, as my half schedule called for a 5K race that day. At about 1:30 we heard GO, so I went.

I went faster than I normally do. At the end of Mile 1, I checked the Garmin and it read 8:37. I was just over 12 minutes at the half way point. SWEET. The finish line time gave me a while new PR. 26:49 for 3 miles. An average pace of 8:53/mile.

Only a year ago I was running over a 10 minute mile pace - sometimes over 11 minutes per mile. Let's say that I have a big ol' smile on face right about now. Holy shizz. Less than 9 minutes per mile. I honestly never thought I would see it.


Ms. Duffy said...

Way to kick ass!!!! I need to find me a run club that takes two to three min per mile off MY 5k... wow!

Christi said...

What an absolutely awesome race report! I am so happy for you!

Kristin said...

YAY to you!! Congrats!

Big Daddy Diesel said...