Made it through

We made it through the holidays unscathed. Visit from the mother in law went off pretty well, and our dog along with the two visiting dogs got along wonderfully. By the last day or so the doggie nerves were fried, but overall they did lovely.

We even managed to get some MAJOR shopping in. Not only did I get the hubs some super cool new professor clothes at Black Friday sales, we also put in furniture orders for both our living room and our media room. The media room furniture will be delivered this week - the living room stuff will be here *hopefully* by the end of the year. I've never bought "real" furniture before, so this is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see it all set up. I will provide before and after photos once we have everything to set up.

I figured I would provide a super quick race report for Thursday, too. Well, as much reporting as one can provide for a 5K anyway.

I was worried at first that we may have a cold and rainy run. It rained like cats and dogs all the night before and even a bit that morning. Luckily, the rain dried up by the 9:30am start time. Turns out over 1000 people showed up for the Granville Turkey Trot this year. Even with the cold temps and gray skies!! I met my new running buddy J at the start. We were both going for the sub 30 minute finish.

Once the start gun went off, we wandered up with the masses to get up to the start mat. Once we crossed the mat, we were off. Like any 5K, there is a lot of dodging back and forth for that first mile. Around the walkers, the dogs, the strollers. I don't mind - it makes me feel fast :-)

We were going at a nice clip, but I felt great. J was sticking with me, and we were pushing through. We hit the halfway point and I started to lose J. We decided at the start line that today was "goal day", so if anyone felt held back by the other, you push on ahead. All that mattered today was the time. Every (wo)man for himself.

Reluctantly, I put on the gas. I was feeling great with less than half the way to go, so I tried to take it up a notch. I'm not used to being in the front half of the pack for any race, and that alone helped propel me along. With about .2 miles left of the race, you start on a very gradual uphill back into town. I was starting to feel it a bit, but I knew how I close I was. I didn't have a clock on me, but I knew by how I felt that I was on the right track to hit my goal. With less than a tenth of a mile to go and the finish line in sight, I spotted my hubs. I said "I have to do it! I'm going to get it!" To which he replied "Let's go! You are at 28 minutes!" And he started to run in with me. He ran with me :-) I found some extra push I didn't know I had. We split right up to the line, and I crossed the finish. I forgot to even look at the clock. I knew it was 28 something, but I really didn't care beyond that.

Hubs greeted me with a huge hug. I know he was proud - he knew how much I wanted this. It was so special to have him run with me those last hundred feet or so. It was a different feeling to have him right there with me. I wish his ol' broken ankle injury would fully disappear so he could run with me more often.

Once I got home, I stalked the race website relentlessly to get my final time. 28:07. Amazing. It was a great Turk'y Day.


Kristin said...

Great Job!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I was so emotional reading this. Really awesome job for beating your goal by 2 minutes ! Enjoy the high ! You've earned it. :-)

M said...

Thanks so much! i am still pumped!!!!