Announcement Time!!!

I have some good news to share. EXCITING news. Well, exciting for ME anyway. I received an out of the blue email/phone call last week from a former employer (I worked for this group one day a week when I first moved to Ohio) offering me a full time position. I am fully employed somewhere else right now, but I have two major projects that are about to finish. Once those projects rollout, my agenda looks a bit......ummm.........sparse. Which means this phone call came at a GREAT time. After a little back and forth, today I accepted the offer and gave notice at my current place of employment.

I think the new position is a better fit for me personally - I get to go back and work with non profits but I will be based in a for-profit setting. I like to keep work off the blog for the most part, but I wanted to share this because it is a pretty big deal for me.

I mentioned the other day that a certain announcement meant good things for my training schedule - well, THIS is that announcement. The company I am moving to is a small business of 5 full time employees, owned and operated by a husband/wife team. The husband is a Boston qualifier and has run Boston a few times. Both he and his wife have dabbled in triathlons, too. While they no longer do the tri thing (I think C put it this way "I can't compete in a sport where typing my shoes counts into my finish time!"), they fully support the active lifestyle and can understand the rigors of training. I am hoping this turns out to be beneficial for everyone involved.

So that's my big announcement. I am so very thrilled. I will remain at my current job through mid October then transition over to the new place. Another bonus of the new job? I get to work from home one day a week! AND I will be spending a fair amount of time each year in Portland, Oregon. Seems like there could be some beautiful running and great beer drinking there!!!

Lastly, a HUGE congrats goes out to Kristin at Triathlon Dreams for completing her first 70.3 in Syracuse this weekend. I love her blog, and you will, too. Congrats, Kristin! What an amazing accomplishment!!!!


Kristin said...

Thank you!! And congrats to you getting a new job!! I so want to get a job where I have more time for my athletic goals...one of these day!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice, non porfits or charity work is were I will like to work someday, not really sure how to go about it