Wow, these are my friends....

I was just looking at CNN and saw this link. Title of the article? "College Degrees that Don't Pay." As I clicked through each screen, I realized that except for one of the pages in the series, I have a close friend or friendS who have made their life in that arena. And that encompasses nearly ALL my friends - like 95% or more. I also realized that is where I, too, tended to gravitate for work. But the crazy thing is the article said $50000/year "doesn't pay". Really?? Am I so underpaid that $50K per year sounds pretty sweet??

uh oh - that's probably low, isn't it?

Running update: Ran 3.22 miles on Monday in 30 minutes and 3 seconds. That means I ran a 9:19 pace. Something must be off on my map. I will attempt to re-create this stellar run this evening, as the temps don't seem quite as brutal as they have in past days.

That's it, the whole update. Weekly mileage: 3.22. Yeah, I'm kicking ass.

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Julie (ROJ) said...

I would die to make 50K lol