Another first? Spin Class

As I mentioned, I recently joined Lifetime Fitness in Easton. So far I have enjoyed the benefits of run club, and I have had one meeting with a personal trainer. One of the other reasons I was able to justify the gym cost was group fitness glasses. As hubs has "Harry Potter Day" (convocation - he and his academic cohorts get to wear their super cool wizard robes) today, he won't be home until late. This gives me the prime opportunity to finally tackle something I have wanted to do for years but have never mustered the courage to do - spin class.

Every video of a spin class I have ever seen looks scary. Every person who walks out the door is drenched in sweat. Some muscled guy or gal sits on a bike at the front of the room, time-life operator headset on, yelling at you to get your ass out of the seat and pedal harder. Eek. But if I want to get my legs and heart in better shape to run and cycle faster, I have to face this demon. Therefore, tonight I will be attending my first ever spin class. Hopefully. I am going to show up early, meek eyed and nervous, tell the instructor I have never been to a spin class before and that I have no idea what to do. Hopefully they will be kind and get me set up. We'll see. I will give you a report tomorrow...

As for the foot, no major developments since yesterday. I did a 2.7 mile hilly run when I got home, and it felt fine during and after. I also managed to keep my average pace to 9:56 per mile. Sweet.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I sorta like spin class, its easier then riding on the road.

Toby said...

I tried a spin class when I went to Australia. I run a lot and mostly on the hills and it wrecked me (it was like sprinting rather than the longer runs I do).

I must go again - there's nothing like having your body pushed really really hard.