Yesterday I had my first ever official brick workout. The original intention was to bike 8 miles on the TJ Evans trail between Granville and Newark, then run 2 miles. I had a few issues getting the bike back from a certain Gahanna bike shop (they told me the bike would be ready at 5pm on Wednesday, but it wasn't done at all when I got there. In fact, they told me it was scheduled to be done at 3pm on Thursday. Thankfully, the owner was there and had them put the new tires on right then. Still, not sure if I will be going back...). By the time I got to Granville, it was well after 6pm. And because I am new to cycling altogether, I had a few issues getting my front wheel locked back on (ah, the fun of being a newbie). By the time the bike was ready to go, it was after 6:30.

At one time in my life, I would have said "screw it," loaded up the bike and headed home. In fact at one point in the frustration to get the tire on, I actually did just chunk the front tire back into the car and say "F_%^ it, I'll just go home." But I took a second, took a deep breath and went back to it. Turns out I was tightening the screw too much, and the clip couldn't lock into place. Now I know what I need to do.

With the front tire now secure and my super cool new tires all brand new and ready to go, I merged onto the trail. It was a beautiful evening, and the flat trail felt great. Rather than turning around at the 4 mile spot, I continued on to the 5 mile spot. I said to myself, "Remember, you have to get BACK to the car AND run." I made the decision to turn around and head back. I even managed to spin my way up a few hills. Whadda you know? Practice actually helps performance!

I made it back to the car and tried to get the bike loaded up as fast as possible and head out on the run. My car transition time was probably around 4 minutes. Once the car was locked back up, I started on my run.

HOLY COW. I felt like I was "running" through concrete mixed with molasses mixed with caramel. My quads just said, "Uh, yeah, thanks but no thanks." It was such an odd feeling. So odd in fact that I got the giggles. My upper body was just swinging around trying to propel me forward. I smacked my quads with my palms on each step as a friendly reminder to wake up. Between the giggles and leg smacking, everyone who passed me probably thought I was a nut.

It was pretty obvious that I was not going to do 2 miles right then. It was after 7pm and I hadn't eaten since 12. My water bottle was empty and my legs were tired. But I wanted to push myself somewhat, so I made myself complete a mile. Out 1/2, back 1/2. Now I know why many say that the bike/run transition is the toughest. This is going to take some getting used to!!!!

Once I was done with the "run," I headed back home. As tough as the workout was, I felt great afterwards. Absolutely refreshed. I felt like I was really stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself physically and mentally. I'm loving this switch up already.

Later that night, the weather took an evil turn and hubby, the three kitties and I spent about 20 minutes in the basement thanks to a tornado warning. But at least I got my workout in earlier :-)

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T said...

I just wanted to say that I'm loving following your transition to the tri! Keep it up so I can keep reading :)