The week of gluttony has passed...

I gave myself a freebie week after the race. A week to not worry too much about what I ate, drank, etc. It didn't feel as good as I hoped. I ate too much dairy (i.e. cheese) and my tummy staged a revolt. I drank too many beers which resulted in a couple of headaches. I also bought a pack of cigarettes (I know, I know), and they made me feel so super yucky. Lesson learned? Crap food, too much beer and smoking will make you feel pretty craptacular. What a revelation, eh?

The cigs are now all gone, and the beer supply is nearly depleted. I didn't buy cheese on this week's grocery store trip, and my newest Vegetarian Times has some wonderful recipes this month. I'm back on track as of today.

And being back on track means picking a new goal. There is another half marathon in Columbus in early fall, but I honestly don't want to prep for another half quite yet. I'm interested in doing the Indy half next year, but that means I won't start that training until this coming December or so. In the meantime, what am I to do? The weather is getting warmer (with the exception of this oddly cool weekend we have had), and the temps are perfect for being outside. But I need to mix it up. I'm a tad burned out on purely running. I need something else.

SO - I am in the process of finding a bike. We have 40+ miles of trail available on the edge of town (the same place I did my half marathon training), so I wouldn't have to ride in traffic. I also have free access to the Denison pool as a faculty spouse. And I don't want to give up running altogether. Add the three together - I have all the training tools at my fingertips to do my first triathalon. Too much? Maybe.

But, I've been scouring all the local race websites, and the "sprint" distance is fairly popular around here. The distances are such - a 400 meter swim, a 10.5 mile bike ride, then a 2 mile run. Nothing super crazy. They even have an "Athena" division, so I could compete with all the other "big girls" :-) The first race is June 12. The distances are short enough that I think I could pull it off just for the experience to see if I want to continue pushing myself to better. If I hate it, I will just stick with the running.

The thing that sucks is the initial capital output. Between a swimsuit for the swim, a bike and helmet for the biking part, and the race fee, I am going to be putting out $150-300 to "just try something once." I know I will use the bike often though, and I can also put the swimsuit to use for exercise. But still - Mike won't be thrilled if we spend the $$ then I say, "ewww I hated that." I have a lead on a bike used by a new friend of mine and a current Olympic distance triathaloner, so I think I can get a decent deal from her. I'll get a helmet from Target. Swimsuits are frickin expensive, but I also don't really want to rent a wetsuit. Or should I just rent a tri suit and take care of all the clothing in one fail swoop? ugh. Help from any of my runner friends out there!!!! Any advice?

The first sprint tri in the area is being held June 12. And it's ladies only, which is awesome. I'm anxious to try it out, so I am considering signing up for that one. We'll see- but first I need some advice!!!!

OH, and race photos have been posted:

If the link busts, just go to www.runphotos.com, select the "Capital City Half Marathon, May 1, 2010" and search for Bib #s 2282 and 2283. That's Lauren and I!

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