A great weekend for running!

Super cool runner girl statue on the TJ Evans Trail

My oh my did I have a lovely run yesterday. After taking a couple of days off to let my sore hip rest, I hit the trail on Saturday morning. I was scheduled to do a 10K run this weekend, but since I signed up for the Hoover Hustle 10K next weekend, I jumped forward in my schedule to do the 9 mile run. It was about 59 or 60 degrees out when I started at about 11:15am. Having a few days of rest, it felt great to stretch my legs and let my skin get some sun.

No major things to report on the way out. I wasn't especially fast or slow, just comfortable. I finally hit my turnaround point, and I realized I was really close to a statue I always admired from the road. There is this great bronze statue of a girl stretching before she starts her run. I always say to myself as I drive by, "Someday I will run to that statue." Since I was feeling so good, I figured that today was the day. I went right past my turnaround point and headed for the statue.

My hip started to squeal on the way, but I made it. I made it to the cool statue. Very super awesome. I knew this would add on some distance, but I had no idea how much. I had to take a few pics, so I stopped to snap away with my phone. Very awesome.

I ran to the statue!

After my big accomplishment, I headed back. My left hip, I guess feeling a tad left out due to all the stretching my right hip got throughout the week, decided to start sending out its own help signals. I had to stop a few times on the way back to stretch out both hips, but once I did that, I could get a mile or two without any worry. I also have a buddy who happens to be a sports trainer at the local university, and he has promised to procure me a foam roller to help out over the next few weeks. That should help too.

I eventually made it back to the car. I was tired, but I was proud. I was also anxious to get home and figure out my final distance. Hubby was super proud of my accomplishment, too. I sat down at the computer and modified my route on mapmyrun.com. Turns out I ran about 10.3 miles. Awesome. It took me 2 hours, but that was with stretches and photo ops added in. This great run day makes me feel much more confident about the ever approaching half. It was truly a great run day.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com
Click on the button above to see my 10 mile route!


gmontalvo13 said...

that is a super cool statue! congrats on your accomplishments! hope your hip recovers soon!

Susie said...

I love the Statue!!!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Hey! I just stumbled accross your blog! North Carolina, the statue and hip pain all caught my attention! I used to live in NC and will maybe be moving back in the next 6 months, we will see. i also have been having hip pain! Booo! And the statue is just cool!
Great run!!!! and great blog!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Wait~ Are you doing the Capital City half here in WA?! Small world! that is a great one, hilly but good! i haven't done it, timing falls bad for me (I am doing a full on 4/25). Good luck!

M said...

Thanks for all your comments!!!

Amanda - I love NC and miss it a ton. You are lucky to have the option of moving back there! I am actually doing the half in Columbus Ohio on May 1 !