Video blog for the day: Rain and getting lost

I set out on a 4.5 mile run that I mapped out some time ago and have never run. It was raining a bit, but not too much. I also didn't check the elevation map on the run before starting out.

I ended up missing one of my turns and had to back track over some killer hills. And the rain really set in. 5.2 miles later I was finished - soaked but feeling good. Mapmyrun says I did a terrible 12:30 per mile. But after those hills, I can see why. I think I lost most of my time on one damn hill.

Anyway, I was feeling good enough after Mile 5 to shoot a little video. I also wanted to get my phone out of my pocket and make sure that it wasn't drenched and dead! Enjoy! My first running video blog!


M said...

I realize the video isn't working - but blogger won't let me in to change it. Will be fixed soon!

Lauren said...

LOVE IT! You're so cute!

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