The common cold bug

ugh. When I went through half marathon training last year, I was sidelined for two weeks to take care of my dear hubby after he broke his ankle. Then there were the various days I just couldn't get out and run due to surgeries, late nights of pain management, etc. This year, I am happy to report that Mike's ankle is doing very well, but now I have an illness. Luckily though not one near the magnitude of a broken ankle. I am losing a full week of training to a damn cold bug. It hit me in the middle of a marathon 6 hour interview session at a certain awesome liberal arts school here in Granville. I am in the running for an awesome position here, and of course the cold big starts to rear its ugly head right in the middle of the interview. Once I was finished with the process, I got home and into my pajamas. That is exactly how I have stayed for the past4 days. Luckily, I am now to the coughing stage of my cold, so I should be good to go for next week. It just sucks 1) to be sick and 2) miss out on a week of training.

No matter what though, I will jump full on into my lost week #3 next week. I will be employed by the end of March no matter what, so the whole moth leading up to that point will be full training. I will bring in the spring!!!!

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