A full week under my belt.

I seem to be doing okay at this whole waitressing thing. They chopped my training from two weeks down to one. I believe I passed my server test on Saturday morning, so I am officially working for tips now. No more shadowing folks. Starting this Wednesday evening, I will be training behind the bar. You know, I really don't mind the work. You stay busy for 4 hours and the time flies by. The people I work with are nice and the innkeepers are very friendly. This will definitely work for a while!

I also happened to get a call from a firm I interviewed with back before Mike and I ever made the move to Ohio. They ended up not hiring for the position they interviewed me for way back in July. But they have a new project they said I would be "perfect" for. So, I will be meeting with them later this week. Things are looking up, folks. Things are looking up.

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