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Job Hunting by Aldo Luongo

Oh the job hunt. Job hunting is never "fun," but in today's economy fun never even enters the picture. The market is flooded with qualified (and over qualified) applicants for the most mundane of positions. So getting picked out for an interview, let alone actually getting the job, are really tough right now. Yet, due to our circumstances, I am forced into the job hunting masses yelling with each e-mailed application "pick me! pick me!!" Luckily, a few folks have heard the call.

I was interviewed for a very sweet position at Ohio State last week but found out today that I came in second for the position. It's a bummer that I didn't get it, but it was validating to know that I am shooting in the right direction for what jobs I feel I qualify for. This was an assistant director position - higher than I have held before, but it's a position I feel I am more than capable of performing well if given the opportunity. The person that accepted the position had directly performed the work required, so really I just couldn't fully compete. But hey - I was the #2 person in line for it.

I also had an interview today with a boutique marketing firm in Columbus that I ran across randomly on the interwebs. I liked the name of the company, I liked their client list and they just all around looked like the kind of place I would like to work. I went out on a limb and e-mailed the President of the company my resume and said that if they had any opportunities I would be interested. A couple of weeks later I was having a surprise first interview with one of their associates. Fast forward today, and my second interview is now complete. It appears they want to bring me up to meet face to face sometime in the next couple of weeks. Awesome. (I'll provide more details down the road - not really ready to share specifics at this point.) It's a small company that's been succesful since its inception 13 years ago. They are growing and need more hands. It looks like a great opportunity to come into an organization early and at the ground level - a great way to learn a lot and advance. I have high hopes for this one.

I also have to say THANK YOU to my awesome colleagues who have passed on my resume and made phone calls or sent e-mails on my behalf. I have some new friends in Ohio now thanks to amazing informational interviews, and I alreday have a string of lunch dates set up for when we arrive in Columbus. There is progress, folks - hope I can report some actuals sometime soon!!!!!

On the Mike front, I am thrilled to report that Mike is now allowed to put weight on his ankle and start moving it around. Today marks one week since he was given that clearance. We go back to the doctor on July 1 - at that point, they will probably ask him to start manipulating the ankle even more. Mike is also ONE WEEK AWAY from his dissertation defense. The draft version of the diss goes out to his committee on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. After that, he waits. Next Wednesday, June 24 is his scheduled defense date. Stay tuned!

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