Doughman hEArTS Durham!

eat local, drink local, be local.

foodie festival of Durham!!! Buy your tickets at www.doughman.org NOW. There are only a few left. Some amazing restaurants and breweries will be present with their best foods and brews. $20 covers your food, your drink, and entertainment at the banquet. 6-10pm, Durham Farmers Market. BE THERE.

Vendors include:


Mrs. B said...

I take it this is NOT the same thing as Taste of Durham, which I think is also going on on the 23rd but during the day?

Seems like bad timing on someone's part to plan them both for the same day.

Now we have to decide which one to go to!

Meredith said...

Taste of Durham actually ends at 7 pm and the Doughman Banquet runs from 6-10 pm, so if you want a Taste-overload, you could do both! :-)

M said...

I am a bit biased, but my money would go to Doughman hEArTS Durham. Here's why. I did Taste of Durham once. First, it's barely even IN Durham. I think it's right on the border of Morrisville - I-40 past RTP is not "Durham" in the traditional sense. So, location gets no points. Next, you pay to get in then have to pay for each and every item you consume. You have to buy festival coins to get food at the booths. Dishes cost from $1-5 EACH. And that doesn't even count drinks yet. The cost adds up very very quickly. Third, the portion sizes are ridiculously small for what you pay. Fourth, while many of the restaurants are located in Durham, many of them are not. How is it taste of Durham when the restaurants aren't even 100% Durham?? Lastly, and this is merely a personal opinion, I just dont think ToD highlights the better restaurants in our area.

For $20 you get unlimited food and drink at Doughman hEArTS Durham plus entertainment. AND all proceeds benefit and awesome Durham nonprofit - SEEDS/DIG.

Again. I'm biased. But Doughman hEArTS Durham should be awesome!!!! It is the inaugural year for it, but I think it could give Taste of Durham a run for its money down the road....

sasa said...