A running first: The Al Buehler Cross Country Trail

The Al Buehler Trail Route
(click the photo above and follow the hot pink to see my first running trip around the trail!!)

I finally did it. Yesterday after work, I ran the Al Buehler Cross Country Trail. I have walked that trail many many times. I have walked the trail and run the hills. But I have never gone out expressly to run the course from start to finish. It was always just too scary to even attempt. On that trail, you see the real runners. You know what I mean - "real runners." It's not for wussies. Needing a break from my 6:30am runs down MLK Pkwy, I decided on a 5:30pm run through Buehler.

And I made it. I made it.

Yes, I had to walk a couple of times. There are a couple of hills, one in particular, that are absolutely killer. I had to walk up half of one and another I had to walk shortly after running up the hill itself. I also added on the fitness trail and the connector to Buehler. All in all, it was less than 4 miles, but it was probably the toughest and most fun 4 miles I have yet to run. I know now I can do it. That's a huge first step. I can run this.

I may do an evening run there every so often now. Wow. This is big :-)

I also found a great quote today.

"We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are." - Anais Nin

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