Next to last long run - 9 MILES

Tomorrow's run will conclude Week 10 of 12 in Half Marathon Training. I can't believe that Saturday will be two weeks until race day. Crazy. While I feel the most prepared I have been, I am also starting to feel the most nervous. I have been running the Buehler trail twice a week with the addition of the fitness trail. It comes out to a total of 3.71 very hilly miles. While we should be running 5 miles at this point, I am hoping the challenge of the hills makes up some of that distance.

This Saturday, we will run 9 miles. EEK. I am actually rather nervous. We put together a route that will allow us to run from point A to B, which we have all decided is much better than running to a halfway point and turning around. Please send good vibes to the three of us on Saturday morning!!!!