Back to the Pavement

Mike's second surgery will happen some time next week. Not sure which day yet, but it shouldn't be nearly as bad as last time (we hope anyway). In the meantime, Mike is down to one pain pill every 6-8 hours. That is a huge improvement. In the hospital he was taking 3 every 4 hours, so the man has come a long way in only a week. That is fantastic. They also put a full cast on his leg yesterday at the doctor which means more stabilization, less weight and a more mobile Mike. Since his condition is improving a bit, I can start focusing on the fact that my condition is improving too.

Turns out that the issue with my ankle is a case of tendinitis. I now have a long term injury from running. My severe over-pronation of my feet has done it's damage. I now know that the right shoes ARE important to preventing injury!!!! The good thing is that after taking two weeks off of running, taking a lot of advil and using ice and heat to treat the inflammation, I am feeling pretty much back to normal. With only about 8 weeks until the half marathon, I have a LOT of catching up to do. I did a run this past Saturday (only about 2 miles), a run yesterday morning (about 3 miles), and I will do another one on Thursday - I am going to shoot for a 4 mile run. This Saturday I am helping a friend move in the morning, so I will probably ask the ladies if we can do our long run on Sunday - I am going to see if there is anyway we can redo the 5 mile long run. Not sure if I can do 6 at this point in time.

Here's to hoping my ankle hangs in there, that Mike's recovery continues to go smoothly and is not too interrupted by the next surgery, and that the next 8 weeks will prove to be enough training to make it 13.1 miles on May 2!!!!!!!

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