The surprises of life - and they aren't always good

Wednesday evening I set the DVR to record a Namaste Yoga episode on FitTV that was a special series for runners. I knew I needed to stretch more in my running routine, so I thought this would be a good addition to my training. When I got home from work, I cleared the living room floor, changed into some yoga clothes, put out the mat and prepared for a new 30 minute workout routine.

Only minutes before the program started, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the phone number. Like I normally do, I didn't answer. Within a few seconds, I received notification that I had a voicemail. Since I have been applying for jobs out of state, etc, I thought I should probably check the message in case it was some good news. Oh it was news alright, but definitely not good. The person leaving the message was Mike's racquetball partner. Mike had hurt his ankle. Badly. The paramedics were there. I could meet them at the ER. WHAT?

I beat the ambulance to the ER and saw Mike pull up while riding in the back. I checked in with the front desk, and the paramedics let me into the room where Mike was waiting. The paramedic asked, "Do you want to see it??" Since Mike seemed to be in good spirits (thanks, morphine!), I said, "sure." Oh goodness. His leg was totally straight and facing the way it normally does, yet his right foot pointed to the lower right. Yeah, that does not look good.

While this is not an x-ray of Mike's ankle, his in jury looked remarkably similar.
Add in a broken fibula and a couple other bone chips, and we pretty much have a match.

After 6 hours in the ER, X-Rays, CT scan and an absolutely crazy resetting of his ankle (I nearly passed out on that one), I was able to take Mike home. He has to keep the foot elevated through tomorrow morning when he will go into surgery. They need to put in a plate and some screws to ensure everything heals the way it should. He has several months recovery ahead of him, but he has done wonderfully so far. There has been a lot of pain, discomfort and waiting - but he has handled it like a champ. I am so very proud of him.

With that being said, please send good vibes, thoughts and prayers towards us tomorrow. Mike will be in surgery sometime tomorrow, and while I know the surgeon will do an amazing job, it is scary having someone you love under the knife. I will keep you all posted on his progress!!!

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Luc Perkins said...

oh noooo! when can mike have visitors? and what hospital is he in?