Running Log

I am in Week 2 of the "Week 1" half marathon training. Before I actually start the program in its entirety, I am going to do the "Week 1" runs for about 4 weeks. I am in Week 2 of that now. That means I am doing 10 miles per week for a month before pushing myself to do more. I just need to build up my strength so I don't hurt myself.

I did my 3.4 mile run yesterday and will do one again on Thursday. I am running for 30 minutes straight now without totally dying, so that's a good sign. It still is super tough on that second lap around east though! Yesterday I did a 36 minute run with a few walk breaks thrown in there - but it gave me 3.4 miles in the end.

Here's to keeping up with this!

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Liv said...

keep it up girl! you are keeping me inspired in getting back into training!!