Being my own inspiration

I have been a "runner" off and on for several years (I use that term VERY loosely - I run, yes, but short distances at not very quick speeds). I started pushing myself to run several years ago when I put on a lot more weight than I was comfortable living with. Then, Lista recruited me to run the Komen 5K, so I pushed myself to finish that race. Therefore, off and on I have ran. It has always been for fitness far more than anything else. I never got that feeling of, "Wow, running is fun!" In fact, it was more of a challenge to run, but I felt so proud of myself afterwards. I did something I didn't like doing but knew it gave me great benefits.

In the past 6-9 months something has changed. I run much more often now. And last week, the strangest thing happened. I was in the middle of the run and though, "This is fun!" It was very very strange. On Monday of this week, after my "incident" at work, I was a bit stressed. It was chilly outside, but I brought appropriate gear to run outside. So, I left work and headed off to Duke's East Campus trail, my running location of choice these days. Normally I only run one lap - it's about 1.65 miles. It takes me about 17-18 minutes, but I get a decent sweat going and I usually feel tired, albeit not terrible, after that distance. On Monday, I assumed I would just do my regular routine.

I run my lap and actually feel pretty good. I say to myself, "Let's try to make it to the stoplight down this leg." And I did. I rounded the corner and said, "Let's make it to that next stoplight." And I did. I kept setting markers for myself - the lamp post, the drive way, the phone, the stands, the big tree.....and before I knew it I had run two full laps. It was probably one of the best feelings I have had in a long time. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I called Mike, I called my Mom - I just had to share the news. It was just such a wonderful feeling. I ran a 5K just because. Not for a charity race, and not because I was being chased! I ran it for me. Because it was fun and it felt good. Maybe it was a fluke and just one of those days. But I may give it a try again some time soon.

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