Holidaze 2008

The holidays are now in full swing. This Saturday, I walked in the Durham Holiday Parade with Mer, Lauren and other folks for the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. I felt like somewhat of a poser, as I have never personally helped build a fence or really do much of anything for the coalition except go to the benefits, buy t-shirts and blog about the cause. Wait, maybe that is *something* ;-)

We had a great time at the parade, then we headed over to Bull McCabe's for a drinkie. Lauren and I had plans to head to Cary for a holiday party, so we jumped in the car, grabbed some dinner at Schlotzsky's, then wandered off to the holiday party. We had a nice time at that - got some basic instructions in rally racing and welding. How many holidays parties that you attend have those kind of activities?? After the party, we headed back to Durham to hang with some folks a bit more. I was beat by 11pm, so it was time to call it a night and head back home.

Sunday though, Mike and I were up and moving about early. We headed over to a TROSA tree lot to pick up a Christmas tree. We found "the one" and brought it home to set up. After digging out all the ornaments, we decided to let the tree rest for a bit while we went on about our day. Mike had work to do on campus, and I had a few errands to run myself. But that evening, Mike and I mustered the energy to decorate the first Brady Christmas tree! Here are some pics to prove that all of the aforementioned events actually occurred. Enjoy! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Meredith said...

You most certainly are NOT a poser! You've been a very vocal supporter of the Coalition since I've been involved not to mention all of the animal rights work you do and have done!!