Last night I went to trivia like I always do. Mike decided to work a bit late then stay home, so I went up to the Joyce about 7:45 to get some dinner, read some Anthony Bourdain, and wait on the girls to arrive. I had a lovely portabello sandwich, a couple of beers and amazingly enough we won trivia for the first time in several months. Great evening. But, I decided to go home right after trivia to see my husband rather than stay out. Lauren, Mer and I walk out to the parking lot about 11:30pm.

"What is all that shiny stuff next to my car?" I asked.

"Well, poop" is what I said next. Someone had so kindly thrown a brick through my driver side backseat window, got into my car, stole my awesome new GPS that Mike and I got from my Dad (which was stored UNDER the seat and not in any sort of plain view - nor did I ever have the mount on my window, so they couldn't have seen a ring to indicate its presence), they stole my former cell phone, about $3 in change, my Duke Spouse ID and my parking card for work.

I called the cops, the girls called Mike, I filed a report and the police officer said, "sorry." It was also very kind of the officer to point out that my license had expired back in June. Luckily since I was already having a crappy evening, he decided not to ticket me for that offense.

State Farm has been great. My car is getting fixed tomorrow morning, as the closest place they could get my glass was in Greensboro. Mike and I taped up the car really well, so it should be fairly rain safe.

Last night I was calm about the whole thing. I can't reverse the situation - I just have to deal with the aftermath. Nothing serious was taken (besides the awesome GPS), and it could have been a lot worse. They could have trashed the car or taken the whole car. And with as little as the vandals took, they needed a quick score. I told Mike that the only thing that consoles me about the situation is that I hope the person who broke into my car was very very broke. I hope they were hungry and so was their family. And I hope today they can go sell my GPS to someone and get enough money to buy groceries for the week to keep their familiy's stimach full for another few days. They must have needed my stuff more than I did.

You are welcome, thief. What you did was not right, but I hope that you rightfully spend what you get from selling my stuff.

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Nope, just drugs.