On the political soapbox...

It's election season. I rarely talk about politics on this blog because really I think everyone becomes a blowhard when they talk about politics too much. It's like sports commentary and god forbid, political convention coverage. We all have our ideas and our opinions and rarely do they perfectly match up with anyone else's. I hate confrontation and needless arguing even more. But with the climate shaping up the way it is, I wanted to go on record about the way I am currently feeling in this presidential race.

I am an Obama supporter all the way. But, I haven't been one of the "I drank the koolaid" supporters that so many people see as political zealots following their savior to the promised land type supporters. In the Democratic primary, I was totally happy with either Hillary or Obama. I liked both of them, and I knew either one could and would do an amazing job. I loved the idea of a woman in office, but I also believe that the idea of having a person in color hold the highest office in the land would be huge. No matter what, we as a member of either one of those groups know that having an underepresented group in the White House would mean new perspectives and new changes. I watched as much of the DNC as possible. I cried at Hillary's speech, reminisced during Bill's and I cried during Obama's - just like I did in 2004 when he spoke at the DNC. Obama just continually impresses me. His rhetoric and idealism make me excited about the future of this country. It is why I will vote for him with no hesitation whatsoever. Our country is due to be shaken up and stirred around a bit. And I feel that Obama will be the one to help us do that.

Now, onto Mr. McCain and his VP pick of Sarah Palin. The whole Palin issue has people heated all over the country. I know people who plan on voting for McCain just because he has a woman on the ticket. I know people who plan on voting for McCain just because he is not Obama. And I know people that just don't plan on voting at all. I do take issue with Sarah Palin as pick for VP, and it is not just because she's a mom or just because she is terribly inexperienced. Mike mentioned something to me last night that I hadn't really thought of, but now I cannot seem to get it to escape from my brain.

So what, her 17 year old daughter is preggers. It happens in the best and the worst of families. At 17, the girl has a head of her own. She knew what she was doing - well, hopefully. I guess one could argue that the Republican mandated abstinence only education backfired, but that is probably taking a cheap shot. The problem I now have is this - Palin accepted the nomination knowing full well that her daughter's pregnancy would become fodder for the national and international media. Her 17 year old pregnant daughter is now featured on the covers of every major newspaper and magazine around the world - and they are questioning her judgment, her morals and her behavior. For any teenage mom, facing the judgement of parents, teachers and peers is enough. But the whole world? As a parent (not a "mom", but a parent), why would anyone subject their child to that scrutiny? I just don't get it. Did she think it would just pass over and no one would pay attention? Or did she want the post so badly that it wasn't of much concern as to how it would affect her daughter?

And of course the press release comes out that the pregnant Miss Palin will be marrying her baby's father. And she is keeping the baby - two huge moral coups for the Republican ideological ticket. I feel terrible for this young woman and what she will have to go through for the next couple of months while the press and the media grind this story into the ground. While Obama declared that family attacks were off limits, the "nonpartisan press" has full reign to interrogate until there are no questions left to be asked.

I think of highly of John McCain, as many people in the world do. But I never, ever would want him as my President because of his long history with backing Bush. And I can also firmly say that I do not want the elder Ms. Palin having to jump up and serve as my president either. Therefore, my vote is firmly in the Obama column.

Taken from CNN's question to iReporters: Can a mother of five be vice president?
My answer: Hell, yes, a mother of five could be vice president. I just don't want THIS mother of five to be my vice president!!!


MLB said...

I feel the same way. As a mother I could never, ever subject my child and her very personal issue to the wolves to attack. As a mother I take tremendous issue with this. I feel a great deal of sympathy for this young girl. We could easily blame the media but the truth is Palin knew what was going to happen and she chose it anyway.

People judge the choices of parents all the time. Heck, my parenting choices have now been nationally judged as well. :) When it really comes down to it I have wonder who I am to judge her. Besides, her politics are enough to make me gag anyway.

Meredith said...

Total sidenote, but I have to rant somewhere about when Palin championed the rights of families with special needs children. Coming from a family with a down syndrome child, I'm pretty sure Palin has NO idea how this whole things works.

First, she wants to cut funding for pregnancy education for one of the two most at-risk age groups for children born with birth defects. Yes, let's not tell 16 year olds how having unprotected sex could result in a child born with birth defects; sounds like a plan!

Second, does she know how even the wealthiest families deal with parenting a special needs child? While wealthier parents may not need government assistance financially, they DO rely on special needs caregivers paid for by government funding... the same government funding Palin wants o cut. My uncle is vice-president of Porsche - while he doesn't need financial assistant for my little cousin Jack, he will testify that he owes more than he could ever pay to the physical therapists who started working with Jack when he was less than 3 months old. Without funding to pay these therapists, it's special needs children - like the one she's exploiting in this campaign - who suffer.