While the cat's away, the mice will....get culture?

I had a nice chance to chat with Mike this morning, and it appears that the school interviews are going well. He had three yesterday, will have four today and three more on Saturday. Mike is a natural people person, so it seems his interviews are not just going well but are fairly enjoyable. I'm glad he is going into today with such a good experience yesterday.

While Mike continues on his job search, I am here in Durham doing my thing. Last night was Thirsty Thursday, our weekly tradition. I meet up with Cookie, Lauren, Neil, and last night Marty joined us, too. We start at the Fed with $1.50 PBRs then usually head to the Joyce. Last night we decided to switch it up and head over to Satty's to cap off the evening. That was a great time as always.

Tonight, I am heading over to the Common Ground Theatre in Durham to check out "Performance Art Night VI." When Lauren, Cookie and I were at the Forever Duke event on Monday evening, we met a nice guy who happens to be one of the artists performing. He gave us an invite to check out the show, so Lauren and I are going to have a date night with Mexican food and performance art! The Indy described the show like this:

And now for, as they say, something completely different. Common Ground Theatre's sixth episode of "Performance Art Night," presented by Verynormal Productions, follows in the previous episodes' traditions of apes, yoga, cross-dressing geishas, dance, group poetry, head shaving and more. This particular presentation features Rus Hames, Catherine Overman, Jonathan Blackwell, Phyllis Wiley, Gabriel Sexton and Tony Hughes, along with a special screening of Jeffrey Moore's short film What the Frock? The 12-minute short, which recently screened at the N.C. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, tells of a recently deceased drag queen's last request to be buried in a dress and pearls, with much hilarity ensuing. The emceed event is performed in a cabaret style, with an emphasis on performers talking directly to the audience. Tickets for this popular event, which starts at 8 p.m., are free on a first-come first-serve basis, though donations are accepted. Drinks and snacks are available at the performance. For more information, visit www.cgtheatre.com or call 417-1445.

It should be an experience! I'll update you on it all later. Ciao, folks, and have a great weekend!

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