The Wedding Journal: Wednesday

As there was so much fun and excitement over the wedding weekend, I figured it would be more fun to go through day by day and tell what happened rather than trying to spill it all out in one ridiculously long blog post. I'm starting at the beginning - Wednesday. It was my first day off work for the wedding and the first arrival of a family member for the celebration. So, that's where I will start!


Today is the first real day of “post-work” wedding preparations. I have a full time-line together for everything that needs done over the next few days, but something tells me it may all go with the wind anyway. I sleep in a bit this morning, relishing the first day of wedding celebrations to come. I figured I will get some rest, hit the gym, run some much needed errands, then veg at home until Mike gets back to the house that evening. Ah, the best laid plans…..

So, I take my car to Neal’s Garage in Durham for an oil change. I was way overdue, and I figured that while I have a day off work I can get this important chore checked off my list. I drop off my car and walk over to the East Campus gym to get a good workout in while my car is worked on. Within about 15 minutes into using some newfangled gazelle/elliptical machine thing, I get a phone call. It’s Neal’s. “Michelle, you have a belt in here that is about to die. It’s cracked, it’s in bad shape and you need it replaced.” I knew it – the damn belt had been squeaking for a long time (and when I say long, I mean LONG. So long in fact, I am even embarrassed to say how long it had been since the squeak started.) “Alright,” I said, “what will it take to fix it?” The friendly lady on the other line quoted me a most reasonable price and only about 45 minutes to get the work done. “Go for it,” I said.

I switch to a stationary bike only to be greeted by a ringing phone yet again. “Michelle, it’s Neal’s here. The motor turning the belt is also fried, hence why it is killing your belt. We need to replace that, too.” At this point I explain that I am getting married this weekend and had just planned on getting an oil change, not leaving my car all day. I asked about price (again, very reasonable) and was quoted only an additional hour for the car to be done. “Go for it,” I said. It needs to be fixed, and there is no time like the present. I plug through another 30 minutes of cardio, lift some weights and finally tire of the gym. By now, it is lunch time and I am one hungry bride. COSMIC! I haven’t had a burrito in a while, so I head on down to have a yummy veggie deluxe burrito. Yum. By the last bite, I have a call from Neal’s that my car is ready to be picked up.

After I have my newly repaired car, I head to Whole Foods to pick up some veggie grilling items, and I finally head home. I put together the last remaining items at the house that needed boxed up for wedding venues and waited for Mike to get home. Once he arrived, it was time to go see Mama Brady. She had arrived earlier in the afternoon with her bestest buddy Peg, so Mike and I went to pick them up and take them to dinner. It was great to catch up and hear about all the latest happenings from her, and fill her in on what was going on for the exciting weekend. We had a great meal at Elmo’s and closed the evening at Peg and Mama Brady’s room with a very touching gift giving of family heirlooms. It was meaningful to both Mike and me. We finally left about 9 and headed home to finally put together the dance mix for the reception!

Mike and I popped open a bottle of wine and parked ourselves in the office at the house – scanning through each and every song in the iTunes library upstairs! Mike flipped through tunes, I steamed table runners. We had a great time – so much so we decided we should make playlists together more often. That process lasted well until 3am – we finally needed to head to sleep. Thursday meant the arrival of a large part of our out of town guests – and the real adventure was about to begin!!!!!

NEXT.......Thursday and the get together at Satty's!


MLB said...

Ahm! We're waiting. :)

Ellobie said...

Ditto. Get to the good part - when I arrived! ;)