I'm sorry - did I offend you?

When planning any event, there is always etiquette to attend to - the addressing of invitations, the day of the event (beware of holidays, double bookings and on and on), the location of the event (too close to one group, too far for another), the time of the event (she KNOWS I can't be there because of X obligation) - the list is endless. And in wedding planning, we haven't escaped this cold fact.

As we are now only one month and one day from the wedding, I get more and more nervous we have offended or are about to offend people. I worry about who we did and did not invite; I worry about the parties beforehand and those invitations; I worry about those IN the wedding and if I have kept them properly informed and minimally stressed. Are people thinking I am ungrateful? Are we too pushy? Are we too lax and therefore seem disorganized?

Like the post I had up a few days ago - one must not worry too much about what others think of you. It's a fruitless exercise.

But just in case I have offended someone or upset you due to wedding stuff, I truly am sorry. I am trying to balance it all, and sometimes it falls through the cracks. Please, World, accept my apology.......

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