Only 9 days left.....

Next Friday, June 27, I will enter a new era in my life. My twenties will be behind me, and I will be 30.

I have always said that I actually looked forward to turning 30. While a lot of my 20s were fun, a lot of those years were some of the scariest, saddest and toughest times of my life. Many I have talked to say that the 20s are for figuring everything out. Your 30s are for acting on it all. That's what I am hoping to achieve. This year has been a big one for me. I graduated from Duke with my Masters, I get married in August, and with Mike going on the academic job market this fall, we may be making some very big decisions before 2008 ends. Family planning, moves and jobs will be at the forefront of discussion, I am sure. But, it's an exciting time, and I am looking forward to every bit of my 30s. And for a few months, I can say I am marrying a man in his twenties ;-)

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