HELP! I'm addicted to Weeds!

So the truth is that really, I have discovered an awesome awesome TV show. Thanks to the nasty cold that kept me home two days this week, I explored the "watch it now" section of my Netflix. There, I found that the first two seasons of Showtime's "Weeds" were available to watch online. At less than 30 minutes per episode, the timing worked perfectly with the average amount of time I was able to stay awake in between meds.

The characters are great, the dialog is often very witty, and the story line is so far fetched and so possible at the same time that it does great things for your imagination. I highly encourage you to go check out this series. Keep the kiddos away - it gets a bit graphic in parts - but for the adults, I think you will seriously enjoy this look at the darker side of the suburbs.

Another bonus: During one episode, I realized that I heard a familiar voice in one of the songs. A fave indie "band" of mine, "The Mountain Goats" performed a song used in Season One of the show!

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