THE DOUGHMAN: Reflections

NOTE: The cool "I hEArT Durham" shirts are my own inspiration, and I made them at home. If you want one, let me know - I could possibly throw together a few more for a fee ;-) Those shirts one us the "best costume" for the race!

I know I didn't post any photos of the Doughman, for I didn't bring a camera. But thanks to a few folks who participated and did have cameras, I can show you some of our team's experience. Credit for photos goes to Pae Wu, one of the race organizers, and Dain of Dain's Place.

The team at registration

I was the first racer of the team - that meant I had to eat a full breakfast at Foster's then bike about 5 miles through Durham. Here I am, in all my glory (bike helmets are the most unflattering accessory EVER) trying to scarf down an egg and cheese biscuit with a side of potatoes.

(I'm in the right corner in the white shirt)

Quite possibly the worst photo of me taken - EVER

Unfortunately, I got us too behind to have our team available for photos when Lauren lunched at Nosh. She had to eat a spinach and turkey wrap with a side of chips then dash to Luther's off east campus. There, she tagged Mike who had to eat a chili dog and a side of hush puppies. Mike ran like the wind to the East Campus pool, swam in a floatie across the pool, then tagged Meredith. She had to run about a mile to Dain's Place.

This is our team dancing to EYE OF THE TIGER while cheering on Meredith...

...who had to eat a whole order of cheese fries at Dain's place.

Meredith ran and tagged the whole team at the Locopop's stop in downtown where we all ate a delicious SEEDS popsicle. After that, we all dashed to the finish line at the farmer's market. The final results say it took us almost a half an hour longer than the team in front of us - I have no idea how that happened, but alas - we still finished!

The Final Results

It was a great experience, and it appears we will try to compete again next year. Maybe we can come in "next to last". YAY!!!

All the participants of the inaugural Durham Doughman.

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Meredith said...

I also don't know how the 30 minutes happened! I thought it was closer to 15 or so. Either way it was a blast! I think we stand a good shot of competing for next to last next year when Mike and I are healthy :-)