PSA to Sex and the City Fans

Ready for the Sex and the City movie to open on May 30? Do you want to re-watch every episode before you go see the film? Oh, do I have a deal for you! If you want to purchase the full box set, I highly recommend you high-tail it to Best Buy or BestBuy.com and buy the set today. Normally priced just shy of $200, the full six seasons can be purchased for $109 this week at Best Buy! It is an AMAZING deal. I got mine yesterday! If they don't have it in the store, just order online - same price!!!! I watched all of Disc One yesterday - tonight, I will start Disc 2. WOO HOO!


ed said...

please laugh at mike for me! there comes a point where even the nudity doesn't make that show fun for guys to watch.

M said...

Mike very diligently plays on the computer while I watch batches of episodes. I know he secretly watches though. He likes it :p