Avenue Q was fantastic - utterly wonderful. Lauren and I enjoyed the show very much. And it was made even better by the lovely kir royals we sipped through each act! If you get the chance, go see this show. You will love it!

The Bad Idea Bears - by far, my favorites!
Princeton: I don't know what to do!
Good Idea Bear: Buy a whole case (of beer)!
Princeton: A case of beer? No... I can't get a whole case.
Good Idea Bear: But you're on a budget! You're wasting money in the long run if you don't buy in bulk!


Melynn G said...

Isn't it awesome??? My husband and I often listen to the soundtrack when we are getting ready for work in the morning. :)

My best friend from college (Jessica Berg) shared an apartment in Brooklyn with Jeff Marx when he and Robert Lopez were writing the show. I met him one evening when he and Jessica were fighting about how much to run the air conditioner (a window unit in a tiny apartment).

Why Kir Royals?

ed said...

do those bears really talk about beer in the show?

M said...

YES! The bears talk about beer and long island ice teas and all sorts of fun stuff. There is even a wild puppet sex scene (not with the bears, two other puppets). Ed, you must see this show. You will be in the aisles rolling with laughter.

M - yes, I do love the show so much!! And VERY cool story about your celebrity run in!!

The Kir royals were just fun - Lauren and I normally get champagne when we see a show in Raleigh, and we just decided to have champagne with a twist!