5 Days to the Doughman

Saturday, May 24 is the Doughman. Luckily, wonderful and sweet Alivia (of Alivia's namesake fame) allowed me to borrow her bike for the event. I picked it up from her on Saturday, so Sunday I decided to practice the route. Let me also say, that Sunday was the first time EVER I have ridden on a street, or several streets, with traffic. Even as a kid, I stayed on side roads with no real traffic. This was the first time I ever rode a bike more than a quarter of a mile from my home. I went by myself, equipped with J.F.'s old bike helmet, a small backpack with my cell phone, some cash and a few band aids "just in case." I managed to finish the route, but it took me quite a while. Once I reached Nosh, I relaxed a bit, made a few phone calls, and then I decided to actually ride the bike back home rather than catch a ride. In total, I rode about 11 miles or so. And it was definitely not flat. Oh, the hills. ugh.

The highlights were seeing a deer, a snake and having bird shadows pace with up the street. It's a fun way to see nature. Just watch out for the cars. Wish me luck, folks.

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Ellobie said...

You can DO it!