Weekend Update

Can I just say how odd it feels to not have this final project hanging over my head? It is actually quite strange. Mike was in Chicago from Thursday - Saturday, so I found myself cuddled up on the couch with Buddy Saturday afternoon watching "The Lives of Others" (fantastic movie - thanks for the recommendation, Rod!), and I didn't even feel guilty about it! I got up that morning, cleaned up the house, slayed the laundry monster, hit the Farmers Market to get eggs (more on that in a moment), and hit the gym for the completion of my first week of 5K training (so far, so good!). I accomplished everything I needed to do for the day by about 1pm. How fantastic it is to have my life back!!!!

To kick off this free time, Tammy, Lauren, Meredith and I headed out to Chapel Hill Friday night to celebrate all the milestones in our lives - Tammy and Efren will soon be off to Vandy, Lauren was celebrating her new found freedom, Meredith was celebrating her new career opportunities, and I was celebrating the end of my degree program! It was a great night. We spent the whole evening at the East End Martini Bar as a torrential rain storm came through and prevented us from hopping around. But the pineapple martinis and great dance music were enough to make the night great. Add to it the company of 3 of the most beautiful and fantastic ladies from D-town, and anyone would have a great time!

I am also happy to report that Saturday mornings are back to being spent at the Farmers Market! The Durham Farmers Market officially opened up the season this past Saturday, and the place was packed - even with some rainy weather. I managed to pick up a dozen eggs (half for Mike and I, half for Meredith) and a beautiful head of buttercrunch lettuce. I didn't bring more cash, or I would have gone home with a lot more. I am excited, too, because the market will now be open on Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30 which will be fantastic for those mid week needs. I can just walk down there before I head home in the evening. Welcome back, market!!

This weekend was also fruitful for wedding stuff. Sunday, Meredith, Lauren and I hustled out to Burlington to hunt for bridesmaid dresses. We ended up finding a great one, which I think will work fantastic. The price is great, and the style is wonderful. Once Cookie approves it, we will put in the order!!! That should hopefully be this week.

After the bridal shop, we hit Garden Ridge Pottery in Greensboro to get table decorations - simple is the key, and I think we got some nice stuff. This whole wedding thing is really coming together - fantastic!

This weekend is off to Hickory for the beer festival, then next week is my exit interview. Week after that is Raleigh Beer Fest, so the month of April is momentous and exciting! I will hopefully have some pics of random events to share with you soon!

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