Some photos and a countdown

FRIDAY. Friday is the end of the road. At 3pm eastern standard time, I will sit down at a small cafe table in the GLS House and have my MALS exit interview. From what I have heard, this process goes about 30 minutes or so. So, by 4pm at the latest, I should have clearance for graduation. If not, oh geez. But let's just assume this will all go well. Let the countdown begin......

Now, in early celebration, Mike and I had an excellent time in Hickory, NC this weekend for the Hickory Hops Beer Festival. The selection of beers was absolutely fantastic - it was just as great as the BeerFest in Durham and Raleigh. Less of an international feel, but it was great to have so many local beers. One major comment for the planners though - HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE. A 6 hour beer festival lacking even ONE food vendor is a major event faux pas. There were a couple local restaurants within walking distance, but they were pretty much "sit down" in nature and not conducive to festival fare. Next year, have some food booths, folks!

To end on a high note for my review of Hickory Hops, I thought I would give my award for the #1 beer at the festival. Out of all the beers I tasted on Saturday, one was beyond awesome (and Meredith agrees with me here). The Pisgah Solstice was just wonderful. It is high gravity and Belgian style, but words just don't do this beer justice. Fantastic find. It's only available in Asheville, Black Mountain and Spindale, NC - so if you are ever in one of these three cities, have a glass of Pisgah!

Okay folks, I know you love photos. So here are some from this weekend - enjoy!!!

Davidson Boys - Andy, Taylor, Alex, Matthew and Mike in front!

Meredith and I after we got "lei'd"

Gangsta Matt and Gangsta Mike

Happy Beerfesters!

All ready for April 26 in Raleigh, baby!

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