I love Craigslist

For those of you who do not use Craigslist, you are missing out. Although in the past I have had one or two bad transactions (always as the seller, not the buyer), my recent Craigslist transactions have been wonderful.

For instance, today I drove out to Cary with Lauren at lunch. We went on this trek to pick up a cake stand that Mike and I will be using for our wedding cake. This cake stand, at Wilton.com retails for $69.99. On Amazon.com, it is listed at $118 (why so high, I have no idea) with three used stands for $60. I searched on the Raleigh/Durham craigslist yesterday only to find the exact same Wilson stand for..................................$15. Yes FIFTEEN DOLLARS. How amazing is that? I love you, Craigslist!!!!

And our awesome wedding cake, contracted for an amazing price that is far less than our cake budget (which was already very very low), will look amazing. $5000 wedding here we come - hell, we may even be UNDER budget. WOO HOO!

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