It's like Christmas twice in one month!!

As you all know, Beerfest is an important time of year for myself and my closest friends. This year, we all waited with our fingers poised above the buttons on our mice, waiting for 12 noon to strike on Wednesday, March 26. My posse managed to get their tickets to the Raleigh Beerfest on April 26. And thank goodness for that. By the end of the afternoon, tickets were already sold out. We have been holding this day on our calendars since the date was released to the public last year!

Now, to my wondrous surprise, Mike mentioned to me that a big group of his buddies from Davidson are planning a get together in mid April - April 12 to be exact. Did I want to go? Sure - I haven't met a lot of the Davidson friends he talks so highly about, and this seemed like a great opportunity. Wait - but what will we be doing? Going to another beer festival?? HICKORY HOPS? YES! Count me in!!!

Yes, folks - that is two Beerfests in one month. I am beyond excited. On April 12, I will be meeting many of Mike's dear Davidson friends and trying many beers at the same time. Then, exactly two weeks later we will partake in Raleigh Beerfest. It truly is a great time of the year.

April is for celebrating - Lauren has a new life ahead of her and the impending excitement of finding a new love, Meredith is embarking on a new path to personal fulfillment and social change, and I will be done with school and ready to go full on into wedding planning! April is truly a month to celebrate.


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