What to say, what to say

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I have been at a loss for words. I also feel somewhat guilty if I write an extensive amount here while my Masters project remains at 1.5 single spaced typed pages.

A few updates -

There was a recent loss I would like to take the time to mention and talk through. My former real estate agent, Lista Yarbrough, passed away last week at the age 0f 34 (click on her name to read the obituary). Nathaniel e-mailed me with the news, and I was struck rather hard. I had lost touch with Lista over the past few years. The last words I said to her were probably even not that kind, I was antsy about selling the house N and I used to own. Lista was such a kind soul - I remember that when we closed on our house, it was her last day of chemo that morning - she took it as a good sign; and so did we. In 2003, she managed to lure me into running in the Susan Komen 5K race in Raleigh and joining her team. It was my first (and only 5K) to this point (click HERE - I was #383 - hee hee; it was less than 10 minutes a mile - not bad!!). I am making it a goal to run again this year and raise funds under Lista's name. When her hair started growing back after the chemo, she got it cut into the style shown in her obituary - it was a shock to her to have short and sassy hair, as it was always long and styled ever so purposefully before the chemo. But after the haircut, I think many of us agreed she was the white Halle Berry with her awesome cut. As trite as it may sound, I always think of here when I consider chopping off my hair - "Could I pull it off as well as Lista?" The answer is always no - I'm not as brave as she was.

My heart goes out to her husband Kevin and the rest of her family - I cannot imagine what they must be dealing with right now. Losing Lista was a great loss to not only her family, but many other people in the Durham community as well.

There is probably more to say - Mike and I have started wedding planning, but I will mention that in more detail when there is more to say - we are super excited and ready to do this. We wish we could do it tomorrow, but we really want to throw one heck of a party. The invite list grows a bit every day - at some point we will have to say "NO MORE!" But, I will let you know how that goes. (Let's just say we are well over 100 people now, and that's pretty much just locals and family.)

Okay folks, I need to hit the gym and get to training. Let's see if I can get under 9 minutes a mile this time around...

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