How to be Happy - a Step by Step Guide

Well, not exactly - but today at work, we had our annual health and wellness fair. Besides all the cool freebies (bags, snacks, first aid supplies, etc), there was a booth for our mental health provider. They had a flier on the table entitled: Tips on Keys to Happiness. I thought the 8 tips were pretty nice questions to ask yourself. We're nearing the end of the year - are you happy? Do you want to be happier in 2008? These may be some good things to keep in mind (my comments are in parenthesis and are completely unofficial guides to happiness courtesy of ME):

"Happiness is the result of our living according to a set of values, being content with ourselves and our place in life, and having the ability to overcome significant life problems. The following are some of the habits of 'truly successful' people.

Those who have learned how to make themselves happy:

1. View life as a challenge and change as an opportunity.
2. Have a deep sense of commitment to what is important to them.
3. Feel empowered to the extent that they can at least influence every situation.
4. Deal with problems directly and creatively.
5. Nurture supportive relationships and surround themselves with positive people.
6. Maintain a sense of balance by taking time for all areas of life.
7. Live a higher sense of purpose by standing for something important to them."

It's an interesting way to assess what's going on for you, isn't it? Are you committed to something in life? A cause? Your family? Do you have good coping skills? Do you feel empowered? Something to think about folks.....it's your life, so go live it. Don't let it just happen to you - be a force to be reckoned with.

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Thank you! I needed to read that today!