Sunday nights have now become rather serious cooking nights in Mike and I's household. We can usually relax a bit on Sundays after busy weeks and weekends, so with that time, I like to cook. Try something new, that we have never had - and see how it goes. This Saturday was something we had definitely eaten before, but not at this level. I wanted to make pizzas, but I wanted to make the dough myself. In the past, I assisted other people (when I say assist, I mean watch) making dough, but I had never done the whole process myself.

I scanned the internet and found a few interesting recipes, but I decided to turn to "The Joy of Cooking" and use their recipe for pizza dough. I followed it to the "t", so there is no need to describe an intricate process of production. I was a bit worried during the rising stage, as I thought the dough may have been too tough before. But, with Mike's help on the initial kneading and about an hour and 20 minutes to rise, the dough came out perfect.

As I do not have a rolling pin, I used a glass to roll out the dough. It worked just fine. The dough was very stretchy and smelled wonderful. Mike and I each made our own pizzas. He wanted pepperoni and Canadian bacon. I wanted lots of veggies and some soy pepperoni. Here was the end result:

This is Mike's pizza (left)!

This is my pizza (below)!!! I would love to share, but we both killed off half at dinner, then the next half for lunch Monday. This was such a great experience, I will definitely do it again!

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