All I Can Do is Cry

Mike and I are headed to the beach next weekend. We settled on Sunset Beach, NC which happens to be only 35 minutes from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Someone suggested I check into seeing who was playing at the House of Blues that weekend. As fate would have it, Etta James, the amazing songstress, was playing the Friday we arrived. I bought tickets to a concert faster than I ever have in my life. I was so excited. This CD

is what started it all for me back in college. I heard the ever famous "At Last" and ran out to buy this CD, but I fell in love with every song in this collection. When I put it on in the car or on the iPod, I can sing along to every word. Really, it was a dream come true to go see her perform live.

Until I got the e-mail from Ticketmaster today saying the show was canceled. Now, all I can do is cry.........

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