Michael Nutter for Mayor!!!

Michael Nutter and I in Cape Town, 2005

OK, here is an attempt for Michelle to go political. Just for a minute though. Tomorrow is the democratic primary election in the city of Philadelphia's mayoral election. A good friend, Michael Nutter, is running - and is ahead in the polls. It is almost guaranteed that whoever wins this primary will be elected the next mayor of Philly in October, for the city has not elected a Republican for its head office in over 50 years.

But for me, this is more of a personal endorsement. I have known Michael and his wife Lisa since 2004 when they both participated in the Emerging Leaders Programme, the keystone program coordinated in my office. I spent a week in Cape Town with the both of them, and I enjoyed talking and spending time the both of them.

Committed to the city, their family and their belief for a better tomorrow, I could not imagine a better "first family" in Philadelphia. Plagued by a history of corruption and dirty politics, I know Philly would welcome the Nutters as a breath of fresh air. Guided by a platform of ethical leadership and public values, Michael Nutter will guide Philly to a better future.

I am not familiar with all the specific campaign platform points, but overall, I know Michael has successfully served his constituents as former councilman of the 4th Council District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which includes the neighborhoods of Wynnefield, Overbrook, Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls and parts of North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and West Mount Airy. He has also served as the 52nd Ward Democratic Leader since 1990. He has a history of effective leadership, and my guess he is only going upwards from here.

At any rate, this is a personal endorsement. As cheesy as it may sound, Michael "walks the walk" and will be as honorable as Mayor has he has been through what has turned into a dirty campaign on the side of his opponents, particularly Tom Knox. He has plenty pf public backing, for Michael has received endorsements from: The Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Magazine, The Northeast Times, The Philadelphia City Paper, The Philadelphia Weekly, Philly for Change (a local affiliate of Democracy for America), The Daily Pennsylvanian (the University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper), the Penn Democrats, and Clean Water Action.

If you live in Philly, please go out and vote for Michael Nutter tomorrow. You want a better Philly? This man can help get you there. To read more on you own, check out:

Michael's Campaign Page http://www.nutter2007.com/

"The Next Mayor" Independent Blog http://www.thenextmayor.com/

The Philadelphia Inquirer Endorsement http://www.philly.com/inquirer/currents/oped_sunday/20070429_Editorial___Michael_Nutter_for_mayor.html

Philadelphia City Paper Endorsement http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2007/05/03/michael-nutter-for-mayor

And, I got a personal phone call this morning from Mr. Nutter himself thanking me for my support - now how many candidates actually do that the day before an election???

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Amy said...

Shawn was just talking about the primary elections taking place in his city. Sadly he's here in Atlanta and won't be able to vote.