Kitty Progress


In case any of you are concerned, which I am guessing many of you are, I thought I would give you an update on the introduction of all the kitties in the Brady-Newman household. I am happy to report that all three have been out with each other from about 6pm-11pm for the past two or three nights. There is still a fair amount of growling, some hissing, and some chasing, but we are making progress.

A typical evening scene.

We are at the point now where all the cats have decided that they don't want to be cooped up in their bedrooms anymore. We used to be able to shake the food container and have Buddy and Scout run to their room. Now, they will be nowhere to be found. Allie has taken to hiding under the bed in Buddy and Scout's room - to get a surprise attack, I believe.

At 3:30am two nights ago, Mike and I got a big surprise when we heard hissing and screaming on the stairs. Both of us jumped out of bed to find Scout had busted out of the room (we normally let Allie roam at night), and the two had an altercation on the stairway. We got them separated, but we all went back to bed a bit shaken.

As you can see, Buddy is in neither of the photos posted here. That is because Scout is progressing much better with Allie than Buddy is. When Buddy even SEES Allie, he starts hissing, fluffs out, etc. They have been unable to have any real succesful contact with each other. I think that with the two of them, we will just have to hope they will respect each other's space at some point. Scout and Allie may actually be friends. I think Buddy will be the scorned "other cat." But Mike and I still love 'em all anyway!

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