Readership is branching out

I'm getting a lot more hits to this blog. A lot more than I ever thought I would. Crazy, huh? And there are all sorts of people out there who are now checking in on this. People from the way back past and people from the not so far back past.

So, whoever you are, welcome. My ramblings are self-indulgent. They are a selfish time waster. A free form of therapy. A chance to say hello to friends and foes near and far. I rarely post anything that interesting. Just fun stuff or mentions on life.

And speaking of mentions on life, I have a small withdrawal to make on a previous post. Some time ago, I posted about running across my ex's blog and how angry it made me. My feelings on it have changed substantialy since that day. He is a good guy, I was right. So, just disregard that. We all need to vent sometimes. Thanks, readers, for passing on my frustrations.

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