SO busy.

Hey all - sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I am sure you have just been waiting on the edge of your seat with baited breath for my next rambling. Hold that thought. Cause there won't be much rambling right now. Here are some quick bullet points:

  • I obviously made it back from South Africa. The meeting kept me busy enough to not be able to post at all. The trip home was terrible. It is supposed to take 24 hours, it took 34. Bad weather, mechanical malfunctions, missed flights, lost bags. And the basic fact that Washington Dulles airport is a crap hole made the trip that much worse.
  • Thanksgiving was nice. Spent it here in Durham with Mike, his Mom, friends Ed & Amy with their little one Owen. Everything was great until the stomach flu hit on Friday and bad bad things happened. My body is still recovering.
  • The semester is wrapping up right now. I have a big paper due next Tuesday - 15-20 pages. I haven't written a word yet. Great.
  • Heading home to Texas for a few days at Christmas to see family. Once I return, off to Western NC for New Year's, then New Orleans in early January. Should be a crazy few weeks.

Okay, get back to whatever you are doing. I will write more later.

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